Facebook getting-paidAs a Facebook fan page administrator have you heard from friends, “I liked your page months ago, but I don’t see your stuff in my newsfeed”?  If your answer is “yes” then blame it on algo…algo…algorithm. Facebook’s algorithm a.k.a EdgeRank minimizes the reach of your content to those that have liked the page, especially those that don’t engage with your posts in their newsfeeds. So is advertising the answer? Do Facebook ads work?

Boys and girls the fun days of Facebook are quickly coming to an end; it’s all about business now. With EdgeRank determining who sees your content, buying social ads appears to be the best way to use the platform to promote your business or service to TARGETED audiences.

But again, considering the disappointment some major brands have had with their return of investment do Facebook ads work for a smaller business or professional? Honestly, the best way to know is to try. Set a budget, measure your progress, and track what works and what doesn’t.  Those are broad instructions, but below are specific things you should do to better your chances of success.

Facebook Advertising Tips

1. What’s Your Ad’s Purpose? Are you trying to increase page likes, lead them to an application on your fan page, or take some action off Facebook like purchase a product on your website? This will help determine the best kind of ad to use.

Facebook Ads samples 2

Do Facebook Ads Work?

2. If You Lead, They’ll Follow:  With certain ads you’ll either lead Facebook users to an application on your fan page or to a page on the web. Those that keep traffic on Facebook generally get approved more. Why?

For one, Facebook wants to keep users playing in its sandbox not someone else’s. But, if you’re going to lead traffic away from Facebook, make sure the look, feel, and messaging of the ad matches your site or landing page.  A mismatch between the two will often lead to your ad not being approved because you appear spammy to Facebook.

Moreover, once led to your site, visitors will leave before doing any business. And that would defeat the ads purpose! So co-ordinate your mushroom Facebook ad to your mushroom selling website as much as possible!

3. Use Split Testing aka A/B Testing: Create TWO ads with same copy and a different image.  Considering the size of your ad, the image is usually the most eye catching. With two differing ads you will be able to compare results. Try also changing up the copy on the ads and using the same image.  Eventually you’ll see the which combination of elements works best.

4. Think Visual: To better catch the attention of your audience, use a human face especially if its recognizable along with text in your ads. Try also using a brief video. Why video? According to most Facebook research, videos receive really good engagement.

Facebook ads samples

Use of recognizable human faces in Facebook Ads.

5. Pay Per Click vs Pay Per 1000 Impression (CPC vs CPM, Cost Per Click vs. Cost Per 1000 Impression):  There’s great debate about which is best, so be willing to experience trial and error.  CPC allows you to see quickly how your ad is doing. CPM can be less expensive since your paying per 1000 impression. Yes, there’s perks to both, but if your goal is to sell and increase traffic to a designated site you may want to start with CPC.

6. Research: Study the ads that appear on your page.  What made YOU notice them in the first place? Did it motivate you to take some action? How? Use these ads as some what of a  template. You can see even more ads that are targeted to you in one place on Facebook’s Adboard.


Photo: http://smallbiztrends.com/