Social media training is now as important as conventional training.

Eric Schwartzman, Author, Social Marketing To The Business Customer

Corporate Training

Get enthusiastic, results-driven social media training using a variety of methods that meet company objectives.

Workshops & Webinars

Small groups of professionals or individuals learn to strategically use individual platforms through webinars and courses.

Content Producer

Tap into 10+ years of TV producing experience to produce content that best expresses your brand message

Brand Ambassador

Online and off I’ll represent your brand positively and professionally to broaden reach and awareness.

We don’t sell products and services…we practice the art of improving lives. Alice took the technical jargon, often affiliated with social media and IT platforms and actually improved the organizations life.

Thanks to Alice’s input I began a blog in 2009. I used her tips and within a few months my blog landed me a job.

Mike Green, Mike Green RVs

Alice is a great teacher.  I took her four session class on social media and learned so much I was challenged to do things I never thought I would do. I am now starting a live steaming program. I am very excited and would never have done it without Alice.

As part of my research for starting a new business venture, I needed to get in front of traveling business professionals. Alice provided me with valuable information about how to interact with them via Twitter, which proved to be an awesome resource. 

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About Sheer Social

Hi! I’m Alice Fuller, Principal Consultant, at Sheer Social.  A TV producer turned social media consultant,  I turned an entertainment blog into a social media marketing business. Now at Sheer Social we train and consult businesses and professionals on how to use social media to reach business goals, improve audience engagement, and improve online reputations.

Clients Past & Present

Don’t Use Social Media To Impress People; Use it to Impact People

Author Unknown

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