blog vs websiteIf you viewed my previous video concerning website success with Lisa Irby, author of “Niche Website Success“, then you should be ready to boldly take that first step or re-entry into websphere.  But now that you know what to do to build your web presence, the question for some of you maybe, “Blog vs website, which is better for what I aiming to do online?”

Over the years I’ve gotten this question several times and my response varies depending on the individuals’ needs.  And based on my research it’s a question that will continually be discussed and even debated.  As most of you know a blog IS a form of a website, but the two can serve different purposes.  On some sites those purposes overlap.  And in some instances too it may be beneficial to have both.

So, blog vs. website, which is better? Take a look at the video below then share with me in the comments which path best suits your needs and why.