Twitter Vine logoI heard through the Twitter “line”, that it’s introduced a new mobile video app called, Vine.  And if you thought restricting your tweets to just 140 characters, try keeping a video to just six seconds! What can you do with six seconds on the Twitter Vine? Apparently, a lot if you’re creative. Check out my first use of the app.



I know what you’re thinking, “That’s cute, but what’s all the hoopla about?” Honestly, I feel the same! Yes, the app creates “cute” videos or GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) and will probably grow in popularity especially with young people who are seemingly more hip to creating GIFS for social profiles and other online activity.

For you visual storytellers that desire to create a brief visual story by recording little video snippets one at a time to create a full six second video, this is an app for you! Brands and companies too that think of out the traditional marketing box might also find Vine useful. See how Doritoes used it to announce its new product.



As for me, I’ll stick mostly with SocialCam, currently my fav mobile video app, to share longer videos with my social media audiences. There’s also BubbleTweet, Tout, and Viddy to use too. All have unique bells and whistles that make them appealing too for mobile video creation and distribution to public audiences.

Admittedly, Vines biggest advantage is that it’s owned by Twitter and the videos look great there as you see above. But it is a game changer? I don’t think so.  Currently, you can’t customize your videos.  And thanks to Instagram and others, mobile app users really like having filters, transitions, and editing options to make their mobile video and photo creations stand out.

That said with Twitter’s Vine the creativity lies mostly in what and how you record your video snippets, not what you add to it.  Might be a good way to hone your amateur director chops! But, give it some time. Vine is still new so it will be interesting to see how the app adapts to the needs of its users over time.

Currently, you can only download it from the Apple store so Android users you’ll have to wait.