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Is it me or are people, especially entertainers, in love with their new mobile live streaming “toys”? That’s how Academy Award winning actress, Mo’Nique describes her app. For her it’s a great toy that enables her to engage on a whole new level with her growing global fan base. Mo loves Periscope, but what if she had been introduced to Hang With (Hang W/) first, the app built with entertainers in mind?

Like many entertainers that prefer a more authentic interaction with their fan bases, Mo shares “the real” of being a celebrity via her new toy.  But what if she wanted to develop exclusive content for her mobile fan base and monetize it?  Only Hang With provides that ability with something called a “digital ticket”. Keep reading to learn more about that as I share a few highlights from my recent Google Hangout with one of the app’s co-founders.

Dave Swartz, Hang With Co-Founder, Talks Celebrity and Mobile Live Streaming Trend

Having years of experience developing apps for celebrities, Dave is definitely one to ask about  entertainers and live streaming. So in a recent interview, I asked him to share his insights on whether using mobile live streaming by entertainers was merely a fad or the inevitable future of things. Listen to his answer below.

The Importance of User Experience and Commenting

Despite Periscope’s popularity one common complaint amid users, famous and otherwise, is the inability to read on screen comments as they rapidly fly by.  There’s no way to scroll through them during the live broadcast nor the replay.  Hang With addressed this early on.  Hear how in the interview clip below and sure to watch his demo!

Why Hang With Doesn’t Require Twitter Nor Facebook To Use

If using Periscope or Meerkat, you’ll need a Twitter account to start. Such is not the case with Hang With, and that’s a good thing for many people.  You can still promote your streams via Twitter, and even search for hashtags on the mobile app to better help you discover new content. Even better is the capability to stream live through your Facebook profile or fan page!

Listen to why Dave and the founding team decided not to be directly connected with Twitter nor Facebook when developing Hang With.

Using Hang With’s Digital Tickets To Monetize Exclusive Content

We all like getting exclusive content from the entertainers and businesses we follow. And yes, many fans are willing to pay for it. With Hang With’s Digital Ticket users have the ability to provide premium live stream content to audiences at whatever price they want!

Even entrepreneurs and small businesses can take advantage of Digital Ticket providing training, consulting, or even live demonstrations for a fee.  Press play button on the following interview clip to hear Swartz explain more about Digital Ticket benefits.

Also during the interview Swartz shared with me how “FireFly” actor, Alex Tudyk, used Hang With to help crowdfund production of his popular sci-fi web series, “Con Man.” Hey filmmakers and producers! It’s a great case study of developing content and monetizing it via mobile live streaming!

Is Mobile Live Streaming A Threat To Paid Live Performance?

While Yahoo and other sites professionally live stream concerts freely online for fans to watch, when the fans themselves become broadcasters of events some artists and event producers see it as a threat to ticket sales.  So does mobile live streaming boost interest in seeing a show or kill it?  Many artists and fans alike are on the fence of the debate.

That said, I wanted to get Dave’s opinion on it and where Hang With fits into this evolving and ongoing debate. His response was really enlightening so take a listen.

Now that you’ve been introduced to great Periscope alternative, will you be incorporating live streaming into your social media marketing plans? Will you use Hang With and its Digital Ticket? Comment below or shoot me an email via the “Contact” page. I’d really like to know how you’re using or will use this new means of engagement in your business.

You can view my entire interview with Dave Swartz by clicking, “What Hang With App Does Better Than Periscope”.

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