Google Helpouts LogoBy now you’ve probably heard about Google Hangouts, a great tool that combines the power and reach of YouTube and Google+ to allow users to connect with people over live video.  Then last year, Google introduced a new tool, called Google Helpouts.  

Says Google, Helpouts are Hangouts that are designed to “connect people that need help with people that can give help over live video.” One major difference between the two is Helpouts can be provided for a free or for fee using Google Wallet.  So here’s three ways experts get paid to Hangout helping out others!


Google Helpouts: Get Paid By The Hour, Minute, or Set Fee

Once you’ve been approved to conduct Helpouts you can set up your page to showcase your expertise.  You can also set a fee to conduct Helpout sessions with you.  Some choose by the hour while others set one fee. May choose to set no fee at all.  As a trainer, consultant, tutor, or similar you are given the freedom to control the access to your sessions.  If you decide to set a price, those seeking your expertise will pay using Google Wallet, a service similar to Pay Pal.

You can even set up “office hours”? With the provided scheduling, you can let people know when you are available to help them.  If you’d rather, you can also be “on call” and allow people to get an appointment almost immediately.  When an individual requests to Helpout, you’ll get a notification immediately.


Google Helpouts: Provide Help With Your Product For A Fee

Have a product on the market?   Google Helpouts provide you the opportunity to train prospects and  customers on how to better use it.  Many companies provide additional help or instruction for a fee concerning their products, and now you can do the same very easily.  Yes you can do this with Hangouts, but with Helpouts a payment system is already in place and handled by Google Wallet.


Google Helpouts: Get Hired

Seeking to get hired? Need to showcase what you know to the right people? Turn Helpouts into a way of showcasing your expertise.  Add the link or provided widget to your website, LinkedIn page, or YouTube channel so recruiters or prospects can get a sense of how much you really know.  You can even provide your Helpout for free for FIRST TIME customers.  As more people take advantage of your offering of assistance or consultation, request they leave reviews and ratings on your Hangouts page.  Those good reviews can help you look good to a potential recruiter or prospect.(


Allow Me To Help You Out!

Tired of going it alone or spending countless hours searching the net for the information you need? Get a two hour consultation?  Schedule an appointment with me and I’ll show you how to set up YOUR Google Hangouts so you can start using Helpouts when you’re ready.  Click this link,, to go my page or click this widget.


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To get a little more information about the Google Helpouts platform, watch Google’s video introduction then click the links above to schedule your free consultation with me.