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EventsImage2Recently Sheer Social co-hosted the “Inviting Mobile Marketing To The Party” webinar with RDZ Media Group‘s Stephen Jackson. Jackson’s New York business specializes in mobile marketing. The focus of the online event was to stress the importance of using a social and mobile approach to promoting events. Why? Because mobile social media is not merely a trend, it’s now how we do social networking. It’s how we get information, and how we share content in the moment and on-the-go.

We’re moving away from traditional computers to smartphones, in case you hadn’t noticed! Indeed, social is going mobile FAST! In fact, it’s already gone thanks to the growth spurt in smartphone ownership. Mobile social media is now the norm, even the standard thanks to popular social sites creating mobile applications. And when promoting and organizing events, it’s definitely an aspect you should not overlook.

Mobile marketing is the new frontier in this digital age and as event planners, party promoters, and publicist, YOU need to abreast of the growing trend. You’re invitees aren’t just using computers anymore to RSVP! As stressed in the “Inviting Mobile Marketing To The Party” webinar, people are using mobile social media to discover, search, and talk about your event.

If you missed the webinar, you missed a lot of GREAT information, but all is not lost! The slides presented during the webinar are available below. In them you will find:

  • Stats verifying how fast social is going mobile
  • 10 reasons why utilizing a social mobile approach is so helpful when it comes to events
  • Useful tips on using social media marketing to better promote your event, and
  • Mobile marketing tips that can be used to promote and enhance the overall experience of your event attendees.

After viewing the slides, share in the comments below just how you’ve used social or mobile marketing to promote your event and increase attendance. If you’ve never used social media nor mobile, then share how you think it could help with your next shindig.

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