While working in entertainment circles, I am often asked by showbiz newbies and up-and-comers what they need to have a positive online presence. I’m also asked often how to build awareness of their talents, indy movie, or music online.

“The Showbiz Up-And-Comer’s Social Media Guide”  was created with them in mind because social media is making an impact in how the entertainment industry chooses it’s new stars. However, the tools and tips supplied in “The Showbiz Up-And-Comer’s Guide” apply to anyone seeking to use social media to market themselves.

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Feel free to download it from Slide Share below by hovering over image or just by clicking,  A Star Is Born Online: The Showbiz Up-And-Comer’s Guide To Social Media Marketing

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PART 2 of The Showbiz Up-And-Comer’s Social Media Guide is available! And yes, it’s FREE too! What’s in it? More great tips including:


* How to use Google+ and related tools to make you and your content more “searchable”.

* Facebook Edgerank. What it is it and how does it affect your fan page.

* Breakdown of Facebook ads and how they work

* Pinterests tips that will help you better showcase your talents and interests

* How to use Instagram to further grow your audience

* How and why YouTube changed and how you as a content creator can change with it

To download click:

Showbiz Up-And-Comer’s Social Media Guide Part 2