Shawn Hopwood, CEO & Founder, SceneChat

Shawn Hopwood….Say it again! Shawn Hopwood!  Get to know this name and especially his new online video application, SceneChat! For those of you that produce videos and post them to your website, Vimeo and/or YouTube, take a 30 minutes out of your day and view or just listen to this interview.  What I’m about to introduce to you is a game changer! Here’s why.

Ever watched an online video and someone commented the good part is @05:31 in the video literally? Wouldn’t it be great if that video had that time “bookmarked” so that you could go right to that point without scrolling through it? Or what if at that particular spot, a message was revealed, a question asked, or better yet, it paused for you to take an action and then allowed you to keep viewing?

But that’s not all! How about at some “marked” point in the video, you as the producer, wanted to start a dialogue with viewers about something in a particular scene.  Wouldn’t that spark some much needed engagement and increase the time the viewer spent watching your video? YES! And now, more than ever, that’s important because YouTube is giving more attention and higher ranking to videos that are watched longer, not just those with lots of so-called views.

All these things SceneChat can do, and CEO and Founder, Shawn Hopwood, talked with me about how this game-changing application came to be.  We also discussed its potential across various markets including the entertainment industry.  So watch or listen to our conversation. I guarantee if you are using online video as a marketing tool, you will get something out of sharing 30 minutes of your day with Sheer Social. And please let me know your thoughts on the application in the comments section below.

Interview with Shawn Hopwood, CEO & Founder SceneChat by SheerSocial