Messiah Jacobs, President Four Screens ProductionsWhen you think of content are you only thinking of social media and the web? If so, expand your thinking because “content” is more than just what’s online.   It’s also what’s on mobile, your tablet, your flat screen, and DVD.  It’s whatever you are consuming on any screen aka platform.  So for the next couple of minutes, I want you to meet, Messiah Jacobs, Producer of popular multi-platform series, “Diary Of A Single Mom,” “Los Americans”, and President at Four Screens Productions.

If you’re thinking what does this have to do with social media keep reading and especially listening.  As a successful content creator for both the big screen and the second screen, Messiah explains in our insightful interview how multi-platforming, content producing, and social media all work together for good.  He also discusses discussing how to monetize multi-platform content beyond mere ads and subscriptions. Think out of the box, readers!

So if you’re a fellow content creator, this post is for you! You’ve got a unique chance to do a little research on Messiah before and after his appearance at the Digital Hollywood’s “Monetizing Entertainment Programming – Exploring Business Models” panel.  And what’s below is just a preview of some of the great information he shared.  To hear the rest,  visit my Hollywood Live And Work YouTube Channel in a few days.

What Exactly is Multi-Platform Content And What Is It Not?

Now that you’ve got a thorough understanding of what multi-platform content really is listen to how to make money from its creation.  Pay careful attention as well to how “Diary of A Single Mom” was created to fit across different platforms and when it was important to make that decision.


Show Me The Money In Multi-Platform Content!

So you’ve got great multi-platform content, but no one knows but you? Only got a few followers and likes on that fan page dedicated to your project? It’s not a bad thing! Listen to why and how social media marketing can help your great content get in front of the right people.


Social Media and Audience Building, Are They Really Needed To Have A Successful Multi-Platform Project?

We’ll forgive Messiah for not being a “Scandal” fan. Obviously, he’s so busy created his own content he doesn’t have time to be a #Gladiator.  So if you’d like more insight into the social media strategy of Shonda Rhimes and her cast, see how it’s handled here on my blog post, Why SocialTV Has Become Such A Scandal.