Facebook Fan GateIf you’ve created white papers, an e-book, a video tutorial—content that provides valuable information–you can use it to gain business leads on your website of course, but you can also use that content to get more fan page likes. How?

By requiring Facebook users to like your page before they gain access to your content.  It’s called “fan-gating or “like gating.” Here’s 7 ways to get more fan page likes using this method.

Wishpond, a suite of social media applications for contests and promotional campaigns  is great, but there are other fan gating tools that I’ve used that also do a great job at it.  Here’s just a few:

I hear you saying, “But won’t asking for a fan page like or possibly an email turn people away?” Honestly, maybe! BUT those individuals are not the ones you ultimately want to attract. If visitors are willing to take some action to get the content you provide, it’s confirmation that they could be viable business leads.  Obviously, they are interested in what you have to offer and are willing to do what’s needed to get it.  So don’t worry about turning people away, instead concentrate on creating great content worthy of taking an extra step to get!


Infographic 7 Ways To Get More Fan Page Likes

Source: AllFacebook.com.