Enflick CEO, Derek Ting, Talks Mobile App Success, Lady Gaga And Justin Beiber

Free text messaging is available! And you don’t need a smartphone nor a mobile service provider to use it! How is that? Before I give away the good news, allow me to introduce you to one of two young men that’s providing this timely and useful service through their company, ENFLICK. His name is Derek Ting, and he is the CEO of Enflick, a provider of  “real-time social software solutions” located in Waterloo, Ontario.

Ting and his co-founder Jon Lerner began the company in 2009 and from the start saw  majorsuccess with their first app, TEXTNOW, which provides FREE text messaging to mobile and web users.  According to a recent Marketwire press release the app has 12 million users and sends over 700 million text messages per month.

Derek Ting, Enflick CEO

Enflick also launched mobile app, TOUCH, formerly known as PingChat a few years ago. Touch makes it easier to group chat and share content (photo, audio, and video) with those you talk to most such as friends and family.  And yes, it’s FREE to download too.

Combined more than 27 million people use Enflick’s  TextNow and Touch mobile applications and the numbers keep growing. Since Enflick’s launch just three years ago, the company has experienced  “400 percent year-over-year growth” according to its press release. That means huge profits, so huge in fact it earned a Company To Watch distinction in 2011 by Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards.

Last week Ting took time out of his busy schedule to talk with me via Skype. During the interview we talked about the iPod Touch’s role in the success of Enflick’s first mobile application, TextNow, what makes a mobile app successful in a high competitive market, and of course mobile industry trends.  You’ll also learn in the interview the connection between Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber with the company.

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Interview With Enflick CEO Derek Ting by SheerSocial

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