Basketball Shaquille O'nealNever judge a book by its cover, no matter how big it may be! That’s especially true for basketball Shaquille O’Neal, excuse me that’s Dr. Shaquille O’Neal to me and you. Many sports fans know Shaq as a fabulous basketball player and entertainer, but few know of his plays off the court in the arena of technology.

A self proclaimed, “geek,” like myself, Shaq undoubtedly is one of the few celebs that publicly took to social media early in the game and really connected with his diverse fan base. Who remember his funny videos using Tout, those great tweetable moments from his Twitter profile, and his PRE IPO GOOGLE INVESTMENT!

Did I just hear the needle scratch on the record?

Yes, basketball Shaquille is also technology investor Shaquille too that played well in the “pre-game” of Google search! And now he’s looking to “partner” as he calls it with some new tech start ups to help them get their product or service off the ground. Watch below this great interview with social media game changer, Brian Solis, as Shaq explains his love of technology and his search for new tech company investments.

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