QR Codes Are Everywhere, But What Are They?

Time Mag QR code Ad While running errands earlier this week, the image to the left caught my attention.  On the side panel of a covered bus stop was a creative Quick Response (QR) code. Have you seen something similar in a store or even in a magazine?

So what exactly is it? It’s a 2-dimensional bar code introduced to us by the Japanese. They’re used to take a bit of data from a transitory media and put it in your cell phone, specifically a smart phone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry).  You can see QR Codes on posters, on web pages and even on clothing. Once it is scanned in your cell phone usually through an app, it may give you details about that business, the person wearing it, or website using it.

The example above is a creative Time magazine ad promoting its Android app. How can you use the codes for your business?:

  • Branding products. Similar to temporary body tattoos
  • As a part of geo-tagging, location based marketing campaigns like Foursquare
  • Use like passwords to unique content
  • Print on business cards.

Lastly, to create your own QR Code visit sites like QR Code Generator, or Mobile-Barcodes.com. To scan codes try the apps listed HERE on Mobile-Barcodes’ website.

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