How’d They Get So Much Blog Traffic?

Blog TrafficBeen blogging a while? You’ve got great content (in your opinion), consistent posts, and a passion for the subject. But despite doing seemingly everything right, the needle on your analytics scale has not moved. Why? How do the other bloggers manage to get so much blog traffic and you get so little?

Well, fellow blogger, if you’re comparing your blog to others you may need to look beyond what you see online. Many successful bloggers would have you believe they began with just a computer, an empty page, and a desire to write, but no audience. Then thanks to their awesome content marketing strategy their site began to attract loads of traffic in just a few months.

Not to say that couldn’t happen, but some noted successful bloggers had an audience before they began social media marketing. They were marketers, authors, or an authority in some industry where they amassed a following and/or a strong email list. Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner is one such example.

A successful businessman, Stelzner gained much attention authoring white papers for major companies. And thanks to the connections he made before starting his social media business in 2009, he was able to leverage those relationships to create content and generate major blog traffic for Social Media Examiner.


You aren’t Stelzner, nor seemingly do you have his contacts. So what can you do right now to gain blog traffic? You can take a page from Stelzner social media playbook and start BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS ONLINE AND OFF!

Blogger Friends Don’t Let Friends Blog Alone! One of the mistakes newbie bloggers make is trying to go it alone. Developing mutually beneficial relationships with fellow bloggers that involve sharing backlinks and content is a winning strategy. This is especially true when you connect with bloggers or site owners that have a responsive audience and more traffic than you.

When you write a post they share it on their site with a link leading back to you then you return the favor. It’s the next level of guest blogging because all involved are providing USEFUL CONTENT, not just crap! Need an example?

Notice how Facebook expert, Mari Smith, and SM Examiner, Mike Stelzner, always cross promote each others’ quality content. They share audiences and drive traffic to each other’s sites. It’s a win win!

So where can you find blog friends or buddies that will partner and create an alliance, or tribe with you? Literally, look right under your nose!

1. Seek blog traffic partners that are in your niche. Remember you want people that share the same interest as you or at least blog about a related topic.

2. Engage and get their ATTENTION, before requesting or suggesting becoming blogger buddies.  Start commenting on related blogs, mentioning them or their authors on Twitter, Retweet them, sharing their content on Facebook, etc.

3. Show and prove. Remember your aiming for a MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL relationship. Offer your potential blogger buddies something of value that makes partnering with you appealing. Make sure your content is as GOOD as theirs and worthy of sharing with their audience.

Know too, you may have more success reaching out to bloggers that aren’t uber-successfull yet, but are on the rise. Why? Really successful bloggers may not see the value of joining your “tribe” or partnering; they’re already receiving tons of blog traffic. So aim to reach out to those with slightly better traffic than yours.

4. Join blogger communities, forums, and networks like Blog Engage, Blogher, or Black Blogger Network. Sites like these were created for bloggers to share content, gain traffic, and make online friends.

5. Use your social profiles goes without saying, but I’ll “say” it anyway. Whether representing your blog or yourself engage with those that have blog buddy potential. Again, use the search tools on these profiles to really target those in your specific niche.

BONUS TIP: Read what Problogger’s Darren Rowse learned while going inside a “secret” blogging alliance. Click HERE!

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  1. wildwoodfalls 12/29/2013 at 4:33 PM #

    Hi Alice,

    Great article. I appreciate your insight into gaining a blog audience.

  2. SheerSocial 12/29/2013 at 5:56 PM #

    wildwoodfallsThanks! I will definitely explore as a means of attracting and building an audience.  Thanks!

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