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The video job interview is changing the hiring game! In fact, your next job interview might be recorded! You know that we are living in a social video world and I am a video girl–when someone else is in front of the camera.  So, if you’re a tad camera shy like me, then prepare yourself. Video is in demand and the video job interview is steadily on the rise!

In a survey conducted by Office Team, which specializes in the hiring of highly skilled office admins and assistants, 63% of HR managers use online video to conduct interviews.  That said, if you haven’t experienced one yet, you just may in the near future.

Use of The Video Job Interview Is Rising. Why?

Millennials! Many companies are exploring video interviews in hopes of making themselves appear more attractive to them.  That’s understandable since young job seekers have grown up in a digital world with a camera in their faces or pockets. So colleges and employers alike expect them to be comfortable with recording and uploading online video of themselves.  They’re doing it anyway on social media!

What else prompted this increase? Money, of course, or lack there of in many cases.  With hiring budgets dwindling, job recruiters see video interviews as way to save money, time, and effort.  Said Lisa Calicchio, head of recruiting at Covance, the competition for job applicants is tight so her company uses video interviews to help the hiring process go quicker.

“Everyone has access to instant information, jobs are getting tweeted, and candidates are getting pinged proactively. So speed in the market really has been a driver for us.”

With companies now using social media to post jobs opportunities faster, does their need for speed mean face-to-face interviews are being replaced? Keep reading for the expert’s reply to that.

Are All Industries Now Using The Video Job Interview?

So which industries are using video interviews most? I invited Christopher Young, RIVS Digital Interview VP of Marketing, to a Google Hangout to find out. Roll this informational video footage below for his answer!

Add to the growing list of industries using video interviews the entertainment industry.  We’re not talking about actor’s auditioning via online video, which has also become a “thing”.  We’re talking about the less sexy, below the line showbiz jobs that are still very important.

In truth, this post was inspired by someone who reached out to me seeking help with a video interview.  She had applied to one of the letter networks–ABC, NBC, CBS etc.–and was surprised by the request to do a video interview. Without a webcam or up-to-date smartphone, technically she wasn’t prepared to take the online video interview required for the admin assistant position.

Fortunately, she was able to rely on a friend’s new computer. But how many people are just like her and would be caught off guard by a video interview request? Probably more than we realize.

Video Job Interview Types

There are basically two types of video job interviews–live and prerecorded aka one-way.  Tools like Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts help businesses get a sense of who applicants are in real time. They may or may not be recorded, but still provide great information

Companies like RIVS provide a system to help companies conduct and archive one-way prerecorded ones.  They provide the questions in advance and the interviewee answers them on camera. Once completed the recorded videos can then be easily and quickly reviewed by recruiters and HR execs.

Is The Video Job Interview Killing Face-to-Face Interviews?

Looking toward the future, will video job interviews replace the traditional face-to-face interview? Most likely not said Young, but it’s steadily replacing the usual phone interview.

According to ERE, an online resource for recruitment professionals, the one-way video interview has several benefits compared to the phone interview.  Some of those advantages include scheduling convenience, the ability to better manage large screening pools, and the ability to replay answers for better clarity and understanding.

Video Job Interview Tips

Be aware of what’s behind you when you do a video job interview.  Certain art, books, screens etc. can be quite distracting, but also very telling.  If possible, remove the distraction or choose a better location.  Also, be mindful of your body language just as you would be in face-to-face situation.

During our online chat, Young shared some great tips too about using a computer versus a mobile app and the future of the things. Take a listen!

To learn even more about the growing trend of video interviews watch the entire discussion with Young on the Sheer Social YouTube channel.  And yes, please share it especially with old and new job seekers and recruiters!

If you’ve ever taken a video interview share your experience below. Or, as an interviewer tell us how conducting video interviews helped you find the best applicants.