fundraising with crowdfundingIt’s the season of giving but when it comes to fundraising with crowdfunding the interest and effort is year round.  Just last year alone $2.7 billions was raised globally in crowdfunding campaigns according to recent statistics.  Americans raised 1.6 billion of that!

Obviously there’s been much success in fundraising using crowdfunding, but there’s also been many failures in reaching financial goals. Why?  I invited, Ellen Sperling, Co-Founder of You’, to respond to that and address many of the common mistakes fundraisers make that sabotage their goals.

In our informative Google Hangout On-Air, Sperling shares too what makes her crowdfunding business different from Kickstarter and Indidgogo, how to properly plan a crowdfunding campaign, and what strategies actually work to reach financial goals.


Another important element discussed is how to effectively use social media to enhance campaigns.  The tools you’ll hear mentioned are applications that help produce videos quickly and inexpensively.  They include Camtasia, Screenflow, and Google+ Hangouts.  Watch below.



Are you thinking of starting a crowdfunding campaign or have you completed one before? Share in the comments section below your experience and what you learned in the process.  If you feel a tip was missed, share that too with fellow readers.