This local non-profit that supplies free lessons in the arts and sports for chronically ill kids needed a social media strategy overhaul that would boost awareness of its program and help it connect with volunteers and supporters online. The organization also needed employee guidelines and training to implement the new plan.

Our Approach

  • Sheer Social first generated social media guidelines and a social media policy statement for staff to follow.
  • We trained managers and employees on uploading content to organizational social profiles.
  • Through Facebook and Twitter we began cross promoting content with related program partners online, thus increasing awareness of CoachArt’s mission to new potential volunteers and supporters.
  • We integrated video into the strategy, specifically short video of volunteers and program participants sharing their experience with the program, the kids, and its impact in their personal lives.


  • Within first 90 days Facebook fan page numbers and engagement increased 50% thanks to a consistent presence on the social network.
  • With social media guidelines and a policy in place, employees better understood what to post to organization’s social networks and how. They also better understood the importance of their involvement in the overall strategy.
  • Secondly, Twitter engagement increased 10% due to promoting fundraising campaign on the network and two new program partnerships were established and one volunteer recruited thanks to few months of twitter outreach.
  • The new website was upgraded with social sharing buttons and icons following our direction
  • Thanks to consistent presence on both Facebook and Twitter, real active online communities were established around profiles.


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