5 Ways To Increase Twitter Retweets

ReTweet Me TshirtDespite the very popular belief, If none of the thousands following you on Twitter never (@)mention you nor retweet your content, you may as well have zero followers. It’s not just about follower number, folks! That said, Twitter retweets are the ideal way to tell if your audience on the micro-blogging platform not only reads your tweets, but also likes it enough to share it with their followers.

Just as a Facebook “like” or a Pinterest re-pin denotes a level of viewer interest, Twitter retweets represent the same. So to have someone merely follow you on the social network is nice, but to have your content retweeted is sublime.

Just think, many of the great spiritual leaders had several followers starting out, but it was the spreading of their unique message that helped establish their authority. Fast forward some thousands of years later and now the sharing of a message or deed is shared to millions via retweets. And for some, the more retweets you have, not just followers, the greater the perceived authority on a topic.

So how do you get more Twitter retweets? Well…there is an art to it. In fact, in an upcoming webinar I’ll soon be sharing how to better craft your tweets to get not only retweets but also more clicks on those links you provide.

In the meantime, the infograph below shows five suggested tricks or ways to get more retweets. But in my opinion, there’s one obvious way missing. And that is, if you want to receive more Twitter retweets then began retweeting. Retweet people like you want to be retweeted is my motto and it works!

That said, reader, what motivates YOU to retweet someone’s tweet? Share in the comments below what compels you hit that retweet button and share someone else’s words or thoughts with your following.

The Art of Getting Retweets
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Image: nowsourcing.com

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  1. AllThingsMrktng 08/11/2013 at 5:07 PM #

    #6: Try to hit the right spot with. Some subgroups of your audience will be more likely to retweet than others. Try to identify them. Find out what makes them tick.

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